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We use the Zoom app to offer personalized guidance and convenient scheduling for learning piano from the comfort of you home. Each lesson is 30 minutes in length and costs only $35 dollars per lesson.

 Immerse in the joy of music with our personalized face-to-face piano lessons.  Master the piano with expert guidance and hands-on practice. The cost is $35 for each lesson.

Explore the world of music with our private piano lessons designed for 3 to 6 years old! Our engaging program is now available at various schools. Nurture your child’s  musical talents with our experienced instructors. The cost is $35 for 30 minutes.

Meet Your Teacher

I am an educator with 20+ years of experience who began teaching piano lessons in July 2019. I embrace each of my students as family and I ensure their success during the lessons. Love and warmth fill my studio whether the lessons are face to face or online.


2024 Piano Recital, “My Favorite Things”

On January 20th, the Anointed Keys Music studio held a recital featuring 18 performers, each with their own unique style and age ranging from 4 to 18. The program centered around the theme of "My Favorite Things". During their performance, the students played a...


Join us for an enchanting Fun piano recital! Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of the season as our talented musicians take the stage. From lively autumn compositions to charming classics, the program will showcase the beauty and excitement of Fall. Prepare...

2023 Jazz Pop Musicale

On the evening of October 21, 2023, music enthusiasts and the local community gathered for an unforgettable experience at the Jazz Pop Musicale Recital, hosted by the Pearland Teachers Association. This extraordinary event featured the extraordinary talents of six...


Anointed Keys Music Studio held a remarkable recital on June 3rd at the United Methodist Church Chapel  showcasing the talents of 18 enthusiastic kids. The melodious evening commenced with a lively performance by Sebastian, setting the tone for the entire event. Each...

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Happy Students & Families

“My son loves going to his piano classes. Mrs. Renee is great with him and she puts on great recitals for the kids”

Alma Mendoza

My daughter is 6 and she’s taken a few lessons, it is amazing her progress and I love how happy she comes back and show us what she learns. She says she can’t believe she didn’t like to play the piano before now she loves it. Thanks to the teachers for their amazing job and the tracking they do to make sure kids are learning and practicing. 

-Maria Gabriela Andrade, Parent

“Wonderful music lessons for my son! He has learned so much and always looks forward to his piano time every week. I love that he is learning so much about music. We have been happy, but our little guy os even happier!”