Meet Gladys (Renee) Scott



Gladys Scott is a passionate and dedicated piano teacher based in Texas. She comes from a family of teachers, and teaching has been her love since childhood. She started playing piano for her church at the young age of 8 and continued playing in her small-town church. With over 20 years of experience in education, Gladys decided to pursue her passion for teaching piano and started her business in 2019 with four students.



Gladys believes in embracing each student as a part of her family and ensuring their success during lessons. Her studio is filled with love and warmth, whether lessons are face-to-face or online. She provides an outlet for children to express their creativity and energy through music. Gladys’ favorite part of her job is seeing her students’ growth in ability and witnessing their excitement during recitals.




Renee is a member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), the Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA), and the Pearland Music Teachers Association (PMTA). She also volunteers her time with the Music Link Foundation, providing music lessons to underprivileged children. Although Gladys retired from teaching high school in 2020, she continues to share her passion for music and love of teaching through her piano lessons.