Today I had the honor of attending an event where I was serenaded by live piano music. The music was so relaxing and the performers perform with excellence, confidence, and grace. The event I am speaking of is the Jazz Pop Piano Recital sponsored by the Pearland Music Teachers Association. There were numerous performances of various repertoire including folk songs, jazz, and pop. All the students did an amazing job and I was so proud of my students who participated in this event. Many times we take for granted what it takes to actually learn to play the piano. You have to be able to remember where your fingers are at all times while looking at a paper reading notes you did not know before. You have to focus on the rhythm and the speed and if you need to hold tones you have to use the pedal and know when to raise your foot up and down. Plus you have to perform in front of a room full of people where you are the only one on display. Learning to play the piano can be difficult work and it takes hard work and dedication. I am so proud that my students rose to the occasion and gave us a great show. Thank you so much for allowing them to be a part of Anointed Keys Music Studio where “ we not only teach piano, we create memories“